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Achieving true circularity requires a movement. More transparency around the environmental impact of our decisions is needed to create an optimized recovery ecosystem.
Current System
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Supporters The current system has far more supply than demand for most commodities
2018 Recycling Rates by Material
Paper 68.2%
Metals 34.1%
Glass 25.0%
Plastic 8.7%
Source: U.S. EPA

Paper and cardboard make up the majority of the recycling and waste stream. In fact, most of our recycling infrastructure is designed to separate paper from containers. But the stream of packaging is changing as many brands seek packaging and products with the lowest environmental impacts. As the miss of materials becomes increasingly complex the costs associated with the sorting, reprocessing and transporting of those recycled materials go up too. We need better design for circularity based on aligned goals and policies. We need all tools on the table to correct the imbalance of oversupply and low demand for recycled materials. We must pull our recycling rate up from its failing grade. We need free market stimuli to smart policy. Free market opportunities need corporate leaders to demonstrate circularity by aligning their supply chain, to stimulate both the supply and demand recyclables.

Source: Moore & Associates
Based in Atlanta Global Practice Bill Moore, President
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