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Achieving true circularity requires a movement. More transparency around the environmental impact of our decisions is needed to create an optimized recovery ecosystem.
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Supporters Taking Action for Circularity We all have a role to play in moving our society towards circularity and we must work together in a collaborative environment to create sustainable solutions to the waste program.
1 - The Economics of Recycling The supply and demand of recycled content need to be in balance for the economies of recycling to work.
2 - Actions for Circularity Ultimately, we need to design for recycling, recycle right to generate quality feedstock (recycled content), make products with recycled content and buy the,. We also need to support a system that captures valuable resources as efficiently as possible.
3 - Our Roles in the Value Chain When a value chain aligns around a resource's lifecycle, the foundation for circularity, we reduce waste and drive efficient use of resources.
4 - Tools to Take Action Depending on which section of the recycling value chain you are involved in, view tools and information specific to help you take action and stimulate the American recycling economy.

The current system has far more supply than demand for products and packaging at the end of their useful life. Fixing the Imbalance

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